Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings

Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings Manufacturer, Supplier

The metal industry is flourishing these days immensely and our company Robust Special Metals, is helping the demand by providing various engineering fitting solutions. We also have a good stock of rare to find metals. We accept even the little order and deliver it sincerely. Our relations with our clients is not limited to sales, but we also offer technical assistance, consultation, suggestion on selecting appropriate metals. Robust Special Metals is a certified company. Our unit has a friendly working atmosphere where learning is possible with earning. Our team is every ready to serve clients with their expertise and enthusiasm. Their developed products prove to be sustainable in this ever-changing trend of the market.

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Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings are very crucial in every engineering machine. These fittings are robust, sturdy and durable. Robust Special Metals indulge in processing these fittings so that they withstand any adverse and harsh external factors. Having nickel-chromium content in the alloy, Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings excel in mechanical properties. We have been producing these Pipe fittings in various grades, sizes, shapes and dimensions. They have great resistance to creeping, corrosive ruptures and oxidation. They can work well in atmospheres with high temperatures at standard procedures. Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings show good fatigue strength and metallurgical stability. They have oxidation resistance ability up to a very high temperature and also withstand carburization.

These Pipe fittings are immune to chloride conditions as well as high purity water. Inconel 601 Pipe fittings show excellent welding ability and high durability.

The manufacturing process includes testing and analyzing the raw materials for any poor gradation, it is rectified immediately and superior quality is preferred instead. The staff that are experts in this domain supervise this procedure keenly. Sophisticated and modern tools are used to produce these commodities. Robust Special Metals follows all the guidelines and protocols diligently as stated by the government.

Various tests like quality check test, intergranular corrosion test, fatigue strength test, etc., are done to check its mechanical power and valour. The rates quoted are fair enough and affordable. We provide a quick transportation facility without any time constraints. Our clients are very contented with our distribution methods.

Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings Specification

SpecificationsASTM B366/ ASME SB366
DimensionsANSI B16.9, B16.25, B16.28, MSS-SP-43, MSS-SP-48, MSS-SP-59
Size Range1/8″ NB TO 48″ NB
Schedule / ThicknessSCH10, SCH20, SCH30, STD SCH40, SCH60, XS, SCH 80, SCH 100, SCH 120, SCH 140, SCH 160, XXS available with NACE MR 01-75
Bending RadiusR=1D
Test CertificatesEN 10204/3.1B
Raw Materials Certificate
100% Radiography Test Report
Third Party Inspection Report, etc

ANSI B16.9 Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings Stock And Supply Range

Stainless Steel Elbow


  • Inconel 601 5D Elbow Manufacturer
  • Inconel 601 45 Degree Elbow
  • UNS N06601 90 Deg Elbow
  • Inconel 601 180 Deg. Elbow Supplier
  • ASTM B366 Inconel 601 Buttweld Elbow
  • 2.4851 Seamless Elbows
  • ANSI B16.9 Inconel® Alloy 601 Welded Elbow
  • ASME SB366 Inconel 601 3D Elbows


  • ASME SB366 Inconel 601 Reducing Tees
  • UNS N06601 Seamless Tee
  • Inconel 601 Welded Tee
  • ANSI B16.9 Inconel 601 Seamless Tee
  • Inconel 601 Equal Tee Supplier
  • 2.4851 Seamless Tee
  • Inconel 601 Unequal Tee Manufacturer
  • ASTM B366 Inconel 601 Tee
  • Inconel® Alloy 601 Buttweld Tee


  • ANSI B16.9 Inconel 601 Seamless Cross
  • UNS N06601 Seamless Cross
  • ASME SB366 Inconel 601 Reducing Crosses
  • 2.4851 Welded Cross
  • Inconel 601 Equal Cross Supplier
  • Inconel 601 Unequal Cross Manufacturer
  • ASTM B366 Inconel® Alloy 601 Cross
  • Inconel 601 Buttweld Cross


  • Inconel 601 Buttweld Reducer
  • ASTM B366 Inconel 601 Reducer
  • Inconel® Alloy 601 Eccentric Reducer Supplier
  • Inconel 601 Reducer Manufacturer
  • ANSI B16.9 Inconel 601 Seamless Reducer
  • ASME SB366 Inconel 601 Reducers
  • UNS N06601 Welded Reducer
  • 2.4851 Buttweld Reducer
  • Inconel 601 Concentric Reducer
Pipe Cap

Pipe Cap

  • UNS N06601 Seamless Cap
  • Inconel 601 End Cap Supplier
  • Inconel 601 Welded Caps
  • ASTM B366 Inconel 601 Pipe Cap
  • Inconel 601 Pipe Cap Manufacturer
  • ANSI B16.9 Inconel 601 End Cap
  • 2.4851 End Cap Supplier
  • ASME SB366 Inconel 601 Caps
  • Inconel® Alloy 601 Buttweld Caps
Pipe Bend

Pipe Bend

  • UNS N06601 Welded Bend
  • ANSI B16.9 Inconel 601 Seamless Pipe Bend
  • ASME SB366 Inconel 601 U Pipe Bend
  • ASTM B366 Inconel 601 Pipe Bend
  • Inconel 601 Buttweld Bend
  • Inconel 601 Long Radius Bends Supplier
  • Inconel® Alloy 601 Piggable Bend Manufacturer
  • 2.4851 Buttweld Bend
Stub End

Stub End

  • Inconel 601 Long Stub End Supplier
  • Inconel 601 Buttweld Stub End
  • ASME SB366 Inconel 601 Short Stub Ends
  • ANSI B16.9 Inconel 601 Seamless Stub Ends
  • UNS N06601 Long Stub Ends
  • ASTM B366 Inconel 601 Stub End
  • Inconel® Alloy 601 Lap Joint Stub End Manufacturer
  • 2.4851 Long Stub Ends
Pipe Nipple

Pipe Nipple

  • Inconel 601 Buttweld Pipe Nipple
  • Inconel® Alloy 601 Welded Nipple Supplier
  • Inconel 601 Pipe Nipple
  • ANSI B16.9 Inconel 601 Pipe Nipple
  • 2.4851 Seamless Nipple Manufacturer
  • ASME SB366 Inconel 601 Pipe Nipple
  • UNS N06601 Swage Nipple
  • ASTM B366 Inconel 601 Pipe Nipple
Lateral Tee

Lateral Tee

  • ASME SB366 Inconel 601 Lateral Tee
  • Inconel® Alloy 601 Buttweld Lateral Tee
  • ASTM B366 Inconel 601 Lateral Tee
  • ANSI B16.9 Inconel 601 Lateral Tee
  • UNS N06601 Lateral Tee
  • Inconel 601 Lateral Tee
  • Inconel 601 Seamless Lateral Tee Supplier
  • Inconel 601 Welded Lateral Tee Manufacturer
  • 2.4851 Lateral Tee

Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings Price

ASTM B366 Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings : FOB Price US $601.00-$4,200.00 / Ton
Inconel 601 Seamless Fittings : FOB Price US $700.00-$5,000.00/ Ton
Inconel 601 Butt Weld Fittings: FOB Price US $800.00-$9,800.00/ Ton
ASME SB 366 Inconel 601 Welded Fittings : FOB Price US $1,299.00-$4,999.00/ Ton
Inconel 601 90 Deg Elbows : FOB Price US $500.00-$7,000.00/ Ton

Inconel 601 Pipe Fitting Equivalent Grades

Inconel 601 2.4851 N06601 NCF 601 NA 49 XH60BT NC23FeA NiCr23Fe

Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni Cr
Inconel 601 0.10 max 1.0 max 0.5 max 0.015 max 1.0 max Balance 58.0 – 63.0 21.0 – 25.0

Mechanical Properties of Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Inconel 601 8.1 g/cm3 1411 °C (2571 °F) Psi – 80,000 , MPa – 550 Psi – 30,000 , MPa – 205 30 %

Widest Stock Of ASTM A366 Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings

  • Inconel 601 90° Reducing Elbow
  • ANSI B16.9 Inconel 601 Pipe Cap
  • Inconel® Alloy 601 45° Long Radius Elbow Exporter
  • Inconel 601 Stub End
  • Alloy 601 180° LR Return Bend
  • Inconel 601 90° LR Elbow Exporter
  • 2.4851 Reducing Tee
  • ASTM B366 Inconel 601 Eccentric Reducer
  • Inconel 601 Concentric Reducer
  • Inconel 601 1.5D Elbow Supplier
  • Inconel® Alloy 601 Lateral Tee Supplier
  • Inconel 601 10D Elbows
  • Inconel 601 Lap Joint Stub Ends
  • Inconel 601 Reducing Cross
  • Inconel Grade 601 Industrial Pipe Fitting
  • Inconel 601 Seamless Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy 601 Two Joint Pipe Fittings
  • Alloy 601 End Caps
  • Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings at Best Price in India
  • ASME SB366 Inconel 601 Equal Cross

Application Of Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings

Oil & Gas 50%
Chemical 87%
Power Plants 74%
Nuclear Plants 70%
Ship Building 84%
Paper & Pulp 65%
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New DelhiAhmedabadJaipurSuratSalemGandhinagar

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Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Ecuador, China, Bangladesh, Poland, Kazakhstan, Spain, Ireland, Nigeria, Lithuania, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Austria, Israel, Japan, Chile, Bulgaria, Colombia, Libya, Gambia, Peru, Australia, Iran, Greece, Macau, Iraq, Sweden, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Russia, France, Canada, Belarus, Denmark, Malaysia, Vietnam, Romania, Portugal, Oman, Nepal, New Zealand, Italy, Kuwait, Mongolia, Angola, Yemen, Mexico, Croatia, United States, Nigeria, Thailand, Finland, Hungary, Chile, Hong Kong, Germany, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Pakistan, Namibia, Belgium, South Korea, Morocco, Qatar, India, Algeria, Norway, Turkey, Singapore, Lebanon, Philippines, Ghana, Serbia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Slovakia, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Gabon, Bhutan, Poland, Netherlands, Kenya, Tibet, Bolivia, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Estonia, Argentina, Iran, South Africa, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Bahrain.