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Copper nickel round bars, also called as CuNi, are solid metal bars. This alloy consists of copper and nickel, with small additions of other strengthening elements such as iron and manganese. Cupro nickel bars are resistant to corrosion from seawater and biofouling and can withstand exposure to chlorides. They also have good thermal conductivity and ductility at low temperatures and can be strengthened with specific alloying additions.

Copper Nickel Round Bars

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If you want to buy copper nickel round bars, we have a wide selection available in various diameters, lengths, and finishes. We ensure that our CuNi products meet international standards ASTM B151 & are subjected to rigorous quality control measures. As a result, our copper nickel round bars are guaranteed high durability and exceptional performance in any harsh environment. We stock a range of Copper Nickel alloys, including 90/10 (C70600) and 70/30 (C71500 ), also known as CuNi.

Copper nickel round bars find extensive use in marine industries for applications such as shafts, propellers, fasteners, valves, & fittings. Their resistance to biofouling and superior corrosion resistance make them an excellent choice for seawater systems, desalination plants, and offshore structures. Additionally, they are widely used in chemical processing plants, power generation facilities, & oil and gas industries.

Robust Special Metals is a leading copper nickel alloy suppliers in India. With over a decade of experience, we are the go-to choice for customers seeking competitive pricing on durable and reliable CuNi bars. Our team ensures prompt delivery, meeting project deadlines and budgets. Trust us as your reliable supplier for your projects’ affordability, durability, corrosion resistance, and versatility.

Copper Nickel Round Bar Stock And Supply Range

copper nickel round bar

Copper Nickel Round Bar

Copper Nickel Flat Bar

Copper Nickel Flat Bar

Copper Nickel Forged Bar

Cupro Nickel Forged Bar

Copper Nickel Bright Bar

Copper Nickel Alloy Bright Bar

Copper Nickel Square Bar

CuNi Square Bar

Copper Nickel Hhex Bar

Cupro Nickel Hex Bar

Copper Nickel Bar, Nickel Copper Round Bar Suppliers, ASTM B151 Cu-Ni Square Bar Stock, ASME SB151 Copper Nickel Alloy Round Rods.

Copper Nickel Round Bar Specification

Specifications ASTM B151 / ASME SB151
Range 3.17 MM TO 350 MM DIA
Diameter 25mm to 152mm
Length 1 to 6 Meters, Custom Cut Lengths
Finish Bright, Polish & Black
Form Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle, Wire (Coil Form), Wiremesh, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc.
Condition Cold Drawn & Polished Cold Drawn, Centreless Ground & Polished

Copper Nickel Round Bar Price

Price List of Copper Nickel Round Bar Cupro Nickel Bar Price in India (INR) CuNi Round Bar Price in USD Copper Nickel Bar Price in UAE (Dirham)
Copper Nickel Alloy Round Bar Price ₹ 3140 $ 79.88 USD 200.16 AED
2 meters Length Copper Nickel Rod Price Per Kg ₹ 3011 $ 32.55 USD 100.51 AED
Copper Nickel Rectangular Bar Price ₹ 2010 $ 18.54 USD 104.17 AED
Copper Nickel Square Bar Price ₹ 3100 $ 92.22 USD 145.66 AED
Price of Copper Nickel Round Bar Prices ₹ 4200 $ 85.32 USD 184.16 AED
Cupro Nickel Rod Price Per Kg In India ₹ 2469 $ 55.14 USD 211.32 AED
Copper Nickel Round Bar Price ₹ 5112 $ 66.10 USD 120.51 AED
Copper Nickel Flat Bar Price List ₹ 2200 $ 26.14 USD 130.50 AED
10mm Diameter 150mm CuNi Round Bar Price Per Kg ₹ 1242 $ 23.44 USD 267.25 AED

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Application Of Copper Nickel Round Bar

Oil & Gas 50%
Chemical 87%
Power Plants 74%
Nuclear Plants 70%
Ship Building 84%
Paper & Pulp 65%
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