Duplex Stainless Steel Suppliers

Robust Special Metals is India’s leading duplex steel supplier, stockist and manufacturer. Duplex steel grades are abundantly available in our company, including 2205 and S31803, while the super duplex steel grades in stock are 2507, S32750 and S32760. We’ve got you covered if you need duplex and super duplex steel material. Could you request a quote or contact us now?

Super Duplex Stainless Steel Suppliers

Are you looking for reliable super duplex stainless steel suppliers in India? Robust Special Metals is your one-stop solution for all your super duplex stainless steel needs with a wide range of products, including flanges, fasteners, forge rings, circles, blocks, and pipe fittings.

Duplex Steel Manufacturer

Robust Special Metals is a premier Duplex Steel Manufacturer, forging ahead in the industry with superior-quality alloys. We specialize in manufacturing Duplex stainless steel that exhibits outstanding strength and corrosion resistance, tailored to meet the exacting demands of our diverse global clientele.

At Robust Special Metals, we offer an impressive range of Duplex and Super Duplex steel grades engineered for exceptional performance:
  • Duplex 2205 (S31803/S32205)
  • Super Duplex Steel 2507
  • Super Duplex ZERON® 100 (S32760)
  • Super Duplex Steel (S32750)

“We offer our products in several forms, including SHEET PLATE, ROUND BAR, FLANGES, FASTENERS and FORGING.”

Why select one? Should select Duplex or Super duplex steel

Some of the main features that make duplex and super duplex stainless steel extremely versatile in various industries are such properties. These alloys are commonly applied in the chemical industry, petroleum industry, power generation, marine engineering, and even paper and pulp factories. In the chemical processing sector, where corrosion resistance is necessary, duplex and super duplex steel fabricate heat exchanger tanks and pressure vessels. In the oil and gas sectors, such facilities include constructing pipelines and liners and building valves and offshore platforms.

Super Duplex Steel Price:

Experience Super Duplex Steel’s unparalleled strength and durability with Robust Special Metals. Our prices are designed to reflect the advanced properties of this steel variant, ensuring you get top-tier performance for your critical applications. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and pricing.

What is DUPLEX steel?

Duplex steel is a special type of stainless steel with a double microstructure that possesses properties inherent to austenitic and ferritic stainless steels, providing wear resistance and corrosion protection in balance. It is designed to provide a higher achievable strength and better corrosion resistance than single-phase alloys.

What is Super DUPLEX steel?

As an advanced offspring of duplex stainless steel, super duplex steel has increased chromium and molybdenum concentration, leading to intrinsic plastic strength and corrosion resistance. It is specially formulated for harsh settings, offering better pitting and crevice corrosion protection.


The average Duplex stainless steel composition includes 22% chromium, 5% nickel, 3% molybdenum and 0.15% nitrogen. In contrast, super duplex steel contains 25% chromium, 7 % nickel, 4 % molybdenum, and 0.27 % chromium. The high Chromium and Molybdenum content levels in both steel mesas give them good corrosion resistance.

Duplex vs Super Duplex

Amongst the varieties of stainless steel, duplex and super duplex are well known for being stronger and more corrosion-resistant than standard austenitic stainless steel. However, the duplex contains a heterogenous structure of the austenite and ferrite; the super-ductile has more chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen content to enhance its properties.

Duplex Stainless Steel Applications

Oil & Gas 50%
Chemical 87%
Power Plants 74%
Nuclear Plants 70%
Ship Building 84%
Paper & Pulp 65%

Duplex Steel Price Per Kg:

At Robust Special Metals, we understand that quality is as important as cost efficiency. That’s why we offer Duplex steel at competitive prices without compromising on the robustness and corrosion resistance that our customers expect. Contact us for a quote tailored to your project needs.

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Robust Special Metals supplies top-quality duplex and super duplex steel products that meet international standards. Our diverse inventory caters to the unique needs of our esteemed customers, and we are committed to delivering reliable and timely steel products.